Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sorry BABY

2 days ago...
I made him angry because I didn't went to the date that he asked me to go :( Whole day until today he didn't message me until yesterday I asked him:

[ In the conversation...]

Me : Teddybear :( is it you don't want talk to me or i made you angry ?

Baby : angry.

Me : Why ? Did I made you angry ?

Baby : You know what ? yesterday I was at mall gadong since 1pm, then you said you was at cousin house.

Me : Baby, not i don't want to meet you, my dad told me go early, then at last at 6pm, he just got back from work, when i reach there already 8pm, it's late and my mum don't let me out, sorry baby :( i really cry of missing you !

Baby : whatever la.

Me : Sorry baby :'( forgive me ! [ wanna sent out but then phone credit not enough ! ] :(

Baby. I'm sorry ! I really miss you so much and sorry didn't reply your message because my phone didn't have enough credit :( ILOVEYOU baby......I'm SORRY :'(

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