Saturday, December 10, 2011

"M&M" Music Model Family :)

Anyone interested in music and fashion ? wanna have some others "judge" or "comments" for your looks or fashion ? wanna know some new friends that is same as you ? love fashion and music :)

do join our group in facebook if you're interested :)
You all can join us at facebook ! we have gathering, if you're living away from brunei, it's okay ! we won't cancel your membership in our group cuz' of you didn't attend any of our gather :)


But before you join our group, please , we hope you :
-like music
-love fashion
-and do follow our motto [ no poklens but our own style ] :D

Do find us in facebook by searching:

"M&M" Music Model Family

Thankyou for the co-operation and wish you all stay happy and have fun in our family group :)

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