Tuesday, December 20, 2011



On 17/12/2011,

We celebrate his birthday at BSB,Brunei in the night :D
He is having his 18th BIRTHDAY this year in 2011 and next year is going to be an BIG BOY, MATURE eh ! :P
That day he is very happy because of having alot of friends and his family celebrate with him and this is the 1st time that I saw him so happy :3

That day,

We went to his house early and tidy up the living room as fast as we can before his friends come :D
Before his friends come, we asked him to make himself looks smart on that day and at the last, that's what he wore in the picture :)

THE GURLS to the party :)

Now I have nothing to show, but to show some pictures of us having fun at his house and it's a nice day that makes him smile and let me show you some picture of some of the couple that is going :)

That day is my happiest day too because it's my first monthsarry with my teddybear and he is going to the party and together we celebrate with my cousin's birthday :D

THE GUYS to the party :)

It's a simple 18th BIRTHDAY CAKE, but a happy moments :D

MY TEDDYBEAR is eating :) He's the cutest guy I ever met :P

By the way, it's a nice night party with them and with my TEDDYBEAR celebrate our 1st monthsarry :D 

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